The campaigns of this company are, unlike other public relations companies, based on my personal endeavor to propagate social prosperity. Through understanding the Self and our society, being able to observe this properly in our “observer state” and finding a way to provide for yourself by doing what you like while contributing to society, we could make the world a better place. Together. My reason for following this is that if I were to have children one day, I would not want them to grow up in a world with famine, discrimination, wars, et cetera.

“I love Diversity” is the campaign that is currently active.

How an operation will be executed depends on the E.PN network and today’s trends. The E.PN network is a collective of individuals and businesses, using their talents to enlighten the rest of the world. It is the driving force behind the campaigns, for without the consolidation, edifying the rest of the world wouldn’t be possible.