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“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

We are quite an advanced race, if you compare it to, for example, agrarian societies. Modern business dominates the lives of most of people today. This is a process under the influence of change. To positively influence this process, we need people. These people need to be well-informed, and they have the right to be happy. Don’t you agree?

You as a business owner could, if you are interested, support this process on an even larger scale. Of course you are already doing this with your enterprise. The Elia. Partner Network, however, contributes to this on an emotional level (and you are doing it physically), for its mission is to let people teach each other how to be happy. Each earth citizen has the ability to get the best out of their lives and, if they find their ways, make big changes. The more people feel that they’re able to make this change, the more this evolutionary process will be fast-forwarded. That is where day-to-day business meets the change of tomorrow. You could almost take this literally, for – currently – the E.PN Creators division is targeting students: the thinkers and working generation of tomorrow. I want to unite the world’s talent.

For Public Relations and Marketing purposes, E.PN could bring you in touch with Creators whose target audience, message and/or profession suit the profile of your business. (An example of this put in practice is a shoe manufacturer hiring a YouTuber for one of their marketing campaigns.) Their ideas could bring you to new insights. If your business is involved in cultural activities, like planning events, I could even market for you through the network itself. (“Business Gold” is then the right type of membership for you.)

Now the E.PN is not as popular yet, but the aim is that in the future anything E.PN, Elia. or TimeHeroine (the Creators’ blog) related should be globally associated with prosperity and people supporting people. The sponsors of the network play a very important role in this process, and this will be made clear throughout the whole network. Depending on your type of membership, it is possible for your company to become part of the mass enlightenment campaigns as well. Also, becoming a part of the E.PN is a useful way of showing your customers/audience that you care about them and global innovation.

In the future I would like to organize events through this network, too. For example, formal parties for business owners where E.PN Creators could inspire you with speeches about the world from their perspective.

If you would like to become a member of the Elia. Partner Network, the amount of money you donate as a sponsor you may choose yourself. The higher a corporation’s donation, the higher its rank and thus its promulgation throughout the network (and perchance even beyond that) will be. Currently we have no sponsors yet. It would be an honor if you would want to help us grow.

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Receive invitations to future events Receive invitations to future events Receive invitations to future events
Get in touch with E.PN Creators for Public Relations and Marketing Purposes Get in touch with E.PN Creators for Public Relations and Marketing Purposes
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€20.- per month

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Membership price:

€20.- per month

(Temporary offer)

Membership price:

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