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“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  – Malcolm X

(This includes YouTubers!)

Something I seemed to miss in my life was an organization that supports me in doing what I like doing, which is writing and spreading wisdom, by means of contributing to society, and turns this into something that could be used to gain an income as well. This might sound like an odd wish, but human life is a nicer experience if you’re doing what you like doing. Full time. Without obligations that wouldn’t voluntarily cross your mind. Since this organization didn’t exist – or never caught my attention, I decided to fund it myself.

You might want to check out I NEED YOU on TimeHeroine.com, because my intention is to unite the world’s future talents.

If you enjoy sharing your perspective on life through writing, making music, graphic design or anything else, then joining the Elia. Partner Network – which is free – might be something for you. Freelancers (specialists) are gladly received, too. Encourage people to think! Others could learn a lot from your talents. I only gave three examples, but anything that is a form of expression which could inspire others is more than welcome! (In any language!) But please note: part of the network’s mission is to assist you in doing what you like, while you contribute to the process of mass enlightenment. If your intention is not to positively contribute, you might want to reconsider becoming a part of this network.

The E.PN Business division provides you – the Creator – the opportunity to use your genius (personality, ideas, form of self-expression) to assist corporations in their Public Relations and Marketing activities (and bring them to new insights). Because Public Relations for the Creative Industry is another one of my occupations, I might need your assistance for my own campaigns, too. Not for free, of course! That’s how you could use your talents to provide for yourself.

TimeHeroine.com is the website on which your content will be posted, if you decide to join. Writers who enjoy discussing society could also contribute to a separate part of the site called “The Conversation”, where you start an audited discussion with your readers. Exceptions are for YouTubers, since they post their material on YouTube (obviously, haha), and people who inspire others in a way that is not digital. How this will go exactly, you will find out when signing up, if you’re interested.

In the future I would like to organize events (like movie nights, debates and formal parties where you could inspire business owners) through this network as well.

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