The Elia. Partner Network

Let us make a positive change for the days to come. Together.

We all have our own beliefs, ambitions and amusements. How do you use yours to live a happy life? The goal of the E.PN network is to edify the world by sharing as many different perspectives on life on the biggest possible scale. We should learn from each other, to continue our evolutionary process in a proper way.

E.PN Creators

(This includes YouTubers!)

Something I seemed to miss in my life was an organization that supports me in doing what I like doing, which is writing and spreading wisdom, by means of contributing to society, and turns this into something that could be used to gain an income as well. This might sound like an odd wish, but human life is a nicer experience if you’re doing what you like doing. Full time. Without obligations that wouldn’t voluntarily cross your mind. Since this organization didn’t exist – or never caught my attention, I decided to fund one myself.

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E.PN Business

We are quite an advanced race, if you compare it to, for example, agrarian societies. Modern business dominates the lives of most of people today. This is a process in which we are still evolving. To positively influence this process, we need inspired people. These people need to be well-informed, and have the right to be happy. Do you agree with that?

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