People get exposed to a lot of (digital) information every day. Much more than, for example, 300 years ago. Human life has evolved to a world culture where, regardless of where you live, you are subjected to the economic system, encouraged to go to school and keep in touch with your friends and family. Our education does not stop when we leave school, for the media have an educational role in society as well. Their task is to provide us information on what is going on in our – because of technology – fast developing world.

Can you imagine explaining that to someone who lived 300 years ago?

In this culture where we are emboldened to provide for ourselves by earning money, individualism is more powerful than ever. We all need to figure out what we want in life and find a way to achieve this. (However, in some cultures it is normal that your profession depends on the family you are born into.) With this custom another objective (often) is to establish your life in such a way that it is stress-free and joyful.

I, Dominique Elia, believe that living a truly happy life should be possible for everyone. Disregarding who you are, what you like or where you are from. For us to evolve as world of humans, we need to be sure that we understand ourselves and our fellow citizens. It is a collective effort, which requires mental development before physical change. This is also the core idea behind my own campaigns.

How can you realize that you are able to change the whole world, if you had never deemed yourself to be able to do it? (That is why my statement is mental development goes first.)

Art I consider a medium for speeding up this process. Through this – whether it is music, a film, a picture or something else – we perceive reality in a different way. This allows for us to alter our mental state. When times are bad, listening to music (for example) can make you feel better. Through art we are induced to think. Dutch writer Frederik van Eeden once said: “Artists are tasked with contributing to humanity’s enlightenment and ethical elevation”. That is why my focus, as someone involved in Public Relations, is on assisting these creative minds in conveying their messages and spreading their knowledge on life. Art I consider another form of education.

Of course, not everyone finds it difficult to understand him or herself and live a happy life. For those who know this and would like to share their perspective on life through writing, photography, making videos or anything else, I started the E.PN network. The goal of this network is to show people the world through as many different perspectives as possible, on the biggest scale possible. To let people inspire and enlighten people. Modern businesses could support this process by sponsoring the network. Not everyone is concerned with the future of mankind, but for those who do care the opportunity to make a positive change is right at your fingertips. We should learn from each other.